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What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

I came up with this crochet pattern when a good friend of mine asked me to make her a cool hat based on a “furry creature”.  This is the first time I actually wrote a pattern (I usually just wing it) so please let me know if I didn’t do it right or if something doesn’t make sense.  Although 95% of this project is made with a Single Crochet stitch, I am classifying it as Intermediate Level because the change of colors, the Front Post Double Crochet on the brim of the hat and most of all, the patience necessary to make the scarf.  So here we go!    Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!


Crochet Fox Hat and Scarf Combo

What does the fox sayWhat does the fox say

What does the fox sayWhat does the fox say


Designed by: Monica Gallardo, Stowe VT

Skill level: Intermediate

Size: Adult – One size fits most

Print Instructions


15 oz (750 yds) of  Medium Weight (#4) yarn, Color: Orange  (I used 3 packages of Lion Brand “Heartland Yosemite”.  It is soft and the color is a nice rich, rusty orange)

3 oz (145 yds) of Medium Weight (#4) yarn, Color: Off-White  (I used Lion Brand “Vanna’s Choice – Oatmeal”)

1 oz (50 yds) of Medium Weight (#4) yarn, Color: Black or Charcoal Gray  (I used Lion Brand “Vanna’s Choice – Black”)

.25 oz (8 yds) of Eyelash yarn, Color: Black or Charcoal Gray (I used Lion Brand “Fun Fur – Black”)

Crochet Needle US H8/5.00 mm

Yarn Needle


Finished Dimensions: 

Total Length: 52″      Length of the Scarf: 44″    Scarf  Width: 6″    Hat Brim Width: 11″ (when laying flat)

Gauge: 18 sc / 22 rows = 4″


Special Stitches: Front Post Double Crochet for the brim of the hat.  Some sewing required.


ch: chain

dc: double crochet

sc: single crochet

sl: slip stitch

st: stitch / stitches

sc2tog: single crochet decrease

2sc: two single crochet in same stitch (increasing stitch)

3sc: three single crochet in same stitch (increasing stitch)

fpdc: front post double crochet



Work rows without joining with sl.  Use a marker at the end of each row.  Pattern starts at the tail (scarf).  If you want a lighter scarf, change all the sc for dc in rows 1 to 225  (you will need to adjust scarf length by reducing the amount of rows)

Row 1: Starting with Off-White color, ch 3, sc 5 in 1st ch (6 st)

Row 2: 2sc in each stitch (12 st)

Row 3: sc 5, 3sc, sc 5, 3sc (16 st)

Row 4: sc 16 (16 st)

Row 5: 3sc, sc 7, 3sc, sc 7 (20 st)

Row 6: sc 20 (20 st)

Row 7: 3sc, sc 9, 3sc, sc 9 (24 st)

Row 8: sc 24 (24 st)

Row 9: 3sc, sc 11, 3sc, sc 11 (28 st)

Row 10: sc 28 (28 st)

Row 11: 3sc, sc 13, 3sc, sc 13 (32 st)

Row 12:  sc 32 (32 st)

Row 13: 3sc, sc 15, 3sc, sc 15 (36 st)

Row 14: sc 36 (36 st)

Row 15: 3sc, sc 17, 3sc, sc 17 (40 st)

Row 16: sc 40 (40 st)

Row 17: 3sc, sc 19, 3sc, sc 19 (44 st)

Row 18: sc 44 (44 st)

Row 19: 3sc, sc 21, 3sc, sc 21 (48 st)

Row 20: sc 48 (48 st)

Row 21: 3sc, sc 23, 3sc, sc 23 (52 st)

Row 22: sc 52 (52 st)

Row 23: 3sc, sc 25, 3sc, sc 25, join with sl (56 st)

Row 24: change color to black, chain 1, sc 55, join with sl (56 st)

Row 25: change color to orange, chain 1, sc 55, from here until color change, mark end of each row and continue without sl (56 st)

Row 26 – 225: sc 56, (56 st)

Row 226: (scarf starts turning into hat) alternate 2sc, sc 6 to end of row (64 st)

Row 227: sc 64 (64 st)

Row 228: alternate 2sc, sc 7 to end of row (72 st)

Row 229:  sc 72 (72 st)

Row 230: alternate 2sc, sc 8 to end of row (80 st)

Row 231: sc 80 (80 st)

Row 232: alternate 2sc, sc 9 to end of row (88 st)

Row 233 – 250: sc 88, join with sl at the end of row 250 (88 st)

Row 251: change color to black, ch 1, sc 87, join with sl (88 st)

Row 252: ch 1, sc 87, join with sl (88 st)

Row 253: change color to off white, ch 1, sc 87, join with sl (88 st)

Row 254 – 255: ch 1, sc 87, join with sl (88 st)










Row 256: (to create brim ribbing) fpdc in first stitch of row 253, skip a stitch on row 255, sc in next stitch of row 255, fpdc in next stitch of row 253, repeat to end, join with sl

Row 257 – 260: ch 1, sc 87, join with sl (88)

Row 261: fpdc in fpdc below (row 256), skip a stich in row 260, sc in next stitch of row 260, fpdc in fpdc below (row 256) repeat to end, join with sl (88)

Row 262 – 265: ch 1, sc87, join with sl (88)

Row 266: fpdc in fpdc below (row 261), skip a stich in row 265, sc in next stitch of row 265, fpdc in fpdc below (row 261) repeat to end, join with sl (88)

Row 267: ch 1, sc 87, finihs off (88)

Ears (Make 2): 


Orange Part: Double yarn:
Row 1: ch 9, sc in the 2nd ch from hook and each remaining ch. Turn. (8 st)
Row 2: ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn. (8 st)
Row 3: ch1, sc2tog, sc in each st until 2 sts remain, sc2tog. Turn. (6 st)
Row 4: ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn. (6 st)
Rows 5 – 8: repeat rows 3-4 twice. (2 st in last row)
Row 9: ch 1, sc2tog, finish off.
Off-white Part: Single yarn:
Row 1: ch 9, sc in the 2nd ch from hook and each remaining ch. Turn. (8 st)
Row 2: ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn. (8 st)
Row 3: ch1, sc2tog, sc in each st until 2 sts remain, sc2tog. Turn. (6 st)
Row 4: ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn. (6 st)
Rows 5 – 8: repeat rows 3-4 twice. (2 st in last row)
Row 9: ch 1, sc2tog, finish off.
Ear Assembly: Hold the off-white piece in front of the orange piece and sc the sides of the ear together using orange color held doubled. Work 3 sc into the point at the top, and leave the bottom of the ear pieces unjoined. Break yarn and leave a long tail for sewing to the hat.  Sew black fur detail at the top of the ear.


Monica V Gallardo VT
Monica Gallardo Stowe Vermont


125 Responses to What does the fox say?

  1. Michela Dorman says:

    This is the cutest fox hat out there. I can’t wait to make this one and ” wapapapapow” at my husband…who hates that song! Thanks for sharing your pattern!!!!

  2. Starr says:

    Nica, thanks for sharing your pattern, I can’t wait to make this set, will you be posting the pattern for the hat? I will make a post once I have completed.

    • Nica G says:

      Thank you Starr. Do you mean the pattern for the brimmed hat? If so, yes, I have to make one this coming weekend so I am going to write the pattern down and post it.

  3. Molly H says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous! Both my sister-in-law and me love foxes and I can’t wait to make one for her. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Rhondda Mol says:

    This is a fabulous design! I LOVE it :) Shared the link on my FB page for you. Rhondda

  5. Lee Ann says:

    This is an amazing pattern! Many, many thanks for posting this wonderful fox pattern!! :). :)

    Lee Ann

    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog

    YouTube Channel


  6. Chantal says:

    Wow! I will make a child version of this for my son. Its now in my queue… hopefully I’ll get to it before end of winter!

    • Nica G says:

      Did you end making the hat for your son? If you did and want to share the pattern, let me know; I will be more than happy to make a post on your behalf for the child version :)

  7. Cabby says:

    Thank you SO much for making the pattern easy to read. I can’t wait to try, this is so adorable.

  8. Lauren says:

    Sorry if this is completely off! Is the scarf done in a tube or flat?

  9. Charlene says:

    How do you sc 5 in 1st chain and what do you do for the ones that don’t say join with sl?

    • Nica G says:

      If you are chaining 3 and go back to the first chain you created, the other two chains turn into your first single crochet. On all the rounds where you are not joining with sl, just continuing crocheting in the next stitch, forming almost like a spiral with your rounds. Skipping the sl when you have a bunch of rows of the same color helps you not to have a visible seam. It is very important to use a marker so you know when to use the sl when you are about to change colors or stitches. I also like to do two rows with sl before changing colors, that way your rows will look even and not lopsided with the contrasting colors.

  10. Alyssa says:

    I’m working off your pattern right now! Question though… row 232 where you increase from 80 to 92 stitches… did you increase by more than 2 stitches in each increase spot? Because it brought my total round to 88 stitches instead of 92, which would actually be correct because they’ve increased by 8 stitches in the previous rounds.

    Thanks for the pattern! :)

    • Nica G says:

      Hi Alyssa,
      I don’t have the hat to double check but I did the math in paper and I think you are right, it should be 88 stitches total. Thank you for catching that and for letting me know! I am going to revise the pattern right now, I hope not to mess people up.
      I would love to see your finished hat :)

  11. LeNor says:

    Very nice work…Love the detail.

  12. Carrie says:

    Hi Nica! I love this pattern and have had so much fun making the scarf but I’m on the brim of the hat now and am having a really difficult time doing the FPDC on the lower rows (256 down to 253) even tho I’m familiar with the stitch. Do you have any tips or “tricks of the trade” that might help? If not I’ll just slog away but just thought I’d ask! Thanks so much! :)

    • Nica G says:

      Hi Carrie,
      Unfortunately I am not a super expert doing FPDC’s… to tell you the truth, I learned while making this hat: right after I had finished my fox hat.
      My original design was single crochet all the way, and I liked the FPDC so much that I went back to the Fox hat and redid all those rows with that stitch.
      What part exactly is giving you a hard time?

  13. Carrie says:

    Hi Nica,
    I actually figured out my problem right after I posted the comment. Now I just have to finish the ears and I’m all finished! Thanks! I’m glad you posted your answer though because I’m going to do the cute diamond pattern hat from ravelry next to help me practice. :)

    • Nica G says:

      I am so glad you figured out! Please share your pictures when you are done with your hat :)
      If you are planning to do the diamond hat I would recommend to watch this video:
      It is very easy to follow and you would be able to make the hat in a breeze. I am obsessed with this pattern because it is a lot of fun to make once you figure out the pattern and it goes really fast…. you can actually finish a whole hat in just two or three sittings… so much better than the single croncet ;)

      • LeNor Reese says:

        Where can we share our pictures of the fox hat?

        • Nica G says:

          Why don’t you email them to me? nicagdesign at
          I am trying to decide if I want to make a user page on my blog to share pictures or if I should create a Facebook page so it is easier to share… either way, send me the picture and I’ll make sure to post it when I make up my mind… Any preferences?

  14. Nica G says:

    This is LeNor’s version of the hat (Just a Thot designs). The short tail is adorable and a time saver for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Taiyeba says:

    You’re really kind for sharing your creation with us :)

  16. Bonnie Prewitt says:

    Hi, just started this hat, really excited! However, by looking at your pictures and then at what I was making, my gauge is way too big! :( are you sure you used an H hook? I’m having to use an E just to come close to the right gauge!

    • Nica G says:

      Hi Bonnie,
      I did use an H hook but I should’ve warned you guys that I crochet with a really tight tension… sorry about that! So feel free to adjust your needle and tension to achieve the right gauge and please share your pictures when you are done :)

  17. Laura says:

    How do you feel about people selling finished hats on etsy?

    • Nica G says:

      Thank you so much for asking. Since I decided to make it a free pattern I think people are free to do whatever they want with it, including selling the finished product. I would really appreciate if you could give me credit for the design on your page :)

  18. Katie A says:

    I’m much better at knitting then crochet so I plan on converting this to knitting. I will post the results when I finish. Thanks for the great pattern. I love foxes!

  19. Kathy says:

    Is that a label? Where did you get it? Were they expensive? I would love to be able to add a label to my work.

  20. Nancy says:

    I am very much interested if anyone converts this pattern for knitting :)

  21. Helen says:

    This is an adorable hat and I wanted to know if there is a printer friendly version.

  22. Erin says:

    I saw this hat as a Lion Brand FB post and made the mistake of asking my son if he wanted one before I saw it was crocheted. So I’m adjusting the idea to knit & have the tail tip done. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m sure he’ll love it when I’m done!

  23. Julie says:

    Hi! I would love to know more about your tags… how you made them!

  24. Julie says:

    Oh… and absolutely love the hat!

  25. Azure says:

    This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! What a talented designer you are! Do you plan to create and post more patterns to this site as an ongoing thing?

    Looking forward to seeing the post about the handmade tag, and also wondering if you had any pictures of how this hat looks from the back?

  26. Mary lou says:

    Is this worked in a round? Or do you sew it together at the end? How do you leave a marker at the end of each row?

  27. Nica G says:

    Joanna Price-Murray sent me her finished version:
    Thanks for sharing Joanna!

  28. This is so cute. Would you mind if I posted your link to my crochet group, I’m sure there are a lot of ladies who would love to make this :)

  29. An says:

    Hi! I’ve just finished my scarf but.. I don’t get row 226, could you help me please and explain what to do? :) I’ve got a problem with a hat part.

    Thanks and sorry for bothering you.

  30. Ann says:

    Ok, I finally understood what to do. It’s so simple! I’m stupid.:v Thanks for sharing this beautiful pattern.

    • erithelgi says:

      hey ann i’m having the same problem as you had could you please explain to me row 226…

      thank you

      • Nica G says:

        This is an increasing row, so you make 2 single crochets on the same hole, then 6 single crochets in the next 6 holes and repeat to the end. Hope this helps.

  31. Kelly says:

    I am trying to make the toddler version of this and am wondering how to make it smaller for the hat? My daughter head size is 18-19″

    • Nica G says:

      If you daughter head size is 18″, you want the finish width of the hat to be 8″ or 9″ when laying flat (the one I made is 11″). So I would suggest to follow the instructions until you get to the 8″ or 9″ each measurement and then just continue with sc until you achieve the desired length. Go back to following the instructions from row 251. Hope this helps and please share a picture of your finished master piece :)

  32. Kerry-Anne says:

    Hi, this is an awesome hat! Thank you for allowing people to sell the finished product (I may try to make a few for a Christmas stall, with your details on the tag) and thank you for the tag tutorial too, you’re so generous :)

    • Nica G says:

      No problem! I honestly don’t have the time (or the patience) to mass produce these hats, so I don’t see the point of not letting other people have this hat if they don’t know how to crochet :)

  33. amy says:

    Is this ok to sell with a link paying credit to you for the design? I love it :)

  34. Shyla says:

    This is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your talent:)

  35. Anne Marie Tousignant says:

    Wow! What a great pattern! There is a picture where the scarf and hat seems to be join together and I can’t figure how, even after reading all the pattern! Thanks a lot and great job again!!!

  36. Belinda Roberts says:

    I love this hat!!!!!!!!
    My granddaughter is begging for one but is only 5 years old. Can anyone tell me how I can make this pattern smaller and the scarf not as wide?

    • Nica G says:

      Hi Belinda,
      The pattern goes around and around so you it shouldn’t be too hard to change the width of the scarf. Follow the pattern until you have the desired width (maybe row 14?) then switch the color of the yarn to black and then orange and continue the rows without increasing until you have the desire length. Continue following the instructions in row 226 adjusting to the number of stitches you have and start increasing until you have the desire width of the hat. Hope this helps.

  37. Lori Anderson says:

    My 3 year old grandson wanted a fox hat, so I reduced the size of the tail and made the hat a little smaller. He loves it!

  38. violetta says:

    could you please please please share a video? :( i love this set but I’m a begginer and coudn’t understand very well… then the only person who I know could undersand this process (my grandma) doesn’t speak in english… we’re in Mexico… so please I beg you share us a video tuto please :3

  39. Nora says:

    I really wish this was done in a knitted pattern :-(

  40. DOE CRUZ says:

    Thank you so much!! Just finished this one up for a Christmas present. I think someone is going to be super happy.

  41. G Lee says:

    Ok, this is what my son posted on Facebook. He also likes furry things like fox tails, (he has two) and the such. He will absolutely love this. This is adorable and many many thanks for sharing with everyone.

  42. Tracey says:

    Do you make and sell this love it

    • Nica G says:

      Tracey, I don’t make them to sell because it takes me sooo long! But if you read through the comments, several people had asked me if they can sell them and I don’t have a problem with that, so maybe you will be able to find them online.

  43. Khatya C.S. says:

    I love this hat and scarf but am not the best at reading patterns. is there anyway i could get a visual of how the beginning is made?

  44. Dangie says:

    Hello, I am trying to make this btu for some reason i am to row 31 and i just realized the orange is expanding outwards, i am not sure what i am doing wrong.

  45. Janet says:

    I don’t know if anyone else ran into this problem but the scarf seems too heavy & pulls the hat off of my head. I haven’t finished this yet as I’m trying to figure out what to do. I’m wondering if I should go back & make the hat part smaller/tighter &/or make the scarf part longer/shorter? I’m making this for my daughter-in-law who lives 1,000 miles from me plus it’s a surprise. I absolutely love this hat/scarf. Am halfway thinking about making the hat & scarf separately. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

    • Nica G says:

      Janet, this was not an issue for me, but maybe you want to make your hat a little tighter? Don’t be afraid of going a little smaller because the yarn will stretch with use, so even if it feels snug at the beginning it will loosen up after a little while

  46. Becky says:

    I love the hat, Just finished it but Im having problems placing the ears, Help! lol

  47. Nica G says:

    Becky, before actually attaching the ears, put your hat on in front of a mirror and try different placements by holding them with your fingers. When you find the place you like best, either mark it with a piece of yarn or attach the ears with a safety pin (easier if you have a helping hand). I attached them both with safety pins and tried them again to make sure I liked them before I started sewing.
    Hope this helps :)

  48. Claire says:

    Hi, thank you for a fantastic and easy to follow pattern, though I have one problem.

    I have had to frog the beanie part twice so far and remove two increase rows, and it is still far too big for a male adult.

    I am using a 5mm hook and worsted weight yarn and I Have never had this problem before. :(

  49. Claire says:

    We went with a beanie instead as the scarf/hat combo was just not working out!

  50. Katie says:

    Super cute hat! I was wanting to buy the yarn online, but I can’t tell for sure what shade you used for the orange. Is it Lion Brand Heartland Yarn – Yosemite?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Nica G says:

      Katie, when I bought the yarn it just said terroir on it, so I am not sure if they change the name. I went to their website and Yosemite looks like the right color

      • Katie says:


        I think that the labels say Heartland – Terroir – Corazon de la Tierra for English – French – Spanish. The color is printed somewhere else on the label.

        I can’t wait to get started on this. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

  51. Trishamore says:

    Love this design but am working it up as two separate items, happy to alter the scarf but would be really interested in your standalone hat pattern mentioned in these comments.
    When do you think this will be available?

  52. suzanne says:

    hi, I was looking through the print instructions and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it went straight from orange to white at the brim, so I compared them to this version and you’ve missed off rows 251 and 252 on the printable instructions. just thought you should know. p.s I love this pattern its my first time crocheting a pattern before and it going well so far.

  53. Anjisanb says:

    This pattern is brilliant and I’m so excited to make it. I’m going to look at some wool this weekend. I can crochet pretty well but don’t have much experience at reading patterns. I’ve had a read through this and think I can handle it. Would you mind if I come back to you if I get stuck. Thank you so much for the wonderful share. Love, love, love it

  54. lizzie says:

    Soooooooo I can’t crochet. ….. so u sale these?!?! :)

  55. virginia crann says:

    I made one of these for my best would love to send you a pic

  56. Nica G says:

    Here is the one Virginia Crann made for her bestie. Love the ears!

  57. virginia crann says:

    It is an amazing pattern. If you want to send people my way who are looking to have one made feel free to do so

  58. Michelle says:

    Hello! I love this pattern and am making it for a friend, however I am confused by the brim. I crocheted the first 12 rounds of white (rows 253-255)but am confused as to where to go from there. From my past experiences with fpdc, you do the ribbing as you create the band. Am I to do the ribbing over the 12 rounds? Is there a video I can watch or have someone explain it to me a bit more clearly? It’s just not computing. :P

    • Michelle says:

      My hubby just pointed out the glaringly obvious mistake. For some reason my brain read 12 sc rounds, and it’s not. *facepalms*

  59. Julie says:

    I’m having difficulty with the Brim. It seems to make 2 brims when I do a FPDC a couple rows back.. Please help me understand the instructions and what I am doing wrong!


  60. Robin Welty says:


  61. Sherry S says:

    Hi! Love this pattern! Do you have a Ravelry account? I like using Ravelry because I can save projects that I want to do in my library (in the cloud) and it makes it easy to find, store, categorize and share them.

  62. Melissa W. says:

    I love this pattern. I finished it and decided to enter the finished hat/scarf combo into my local county fair where it placed first and won Best of Show. Thank you for the easy to follow pattern instructions.

  63. Christie says:

    any update on converting this to a knit pattern? And maybe an option without the tail?

  64. Inge says:

    Hello, Thank U for sharing this beautifull pattern. I am crocheting it for my 8 year old niece . I want to tell you that the print version forget the lines 254-255.

  65. Nancy says:

    Can you tell me if this is do-able for a beginner? I love the pattern and was thinking about trying it myself but I don’t crochet.

    • Nica G says:

      I thing it is do-able since the whole pattern is single crochet. You may need to watch a youtube video for the frontal post stitch to make the brim of the hat, but it is not that complicated…

  66. Cheri says:

    This is an adorable project. Thank you for posting — and for free. :) Will you be posting a child size pattern?

  67. Jason Miller says:

    I’m having trouble find the Lion Brand “Heartland Terroir – Corazon de la Tierra, am I the only one?

  68. Yvonne says:

    My daughter is in love with foxes right now… so maybe I can finish one in time for Christmas (in the middle of a flag blanket for my son)! Thank you so much for sharing this!! :)

  69. Sara says:

    Hi. I was wondering how you change colors? The only way I know is to put the new color on as the end of a stitch. Like the last sc of a round would be old color until you yo and pull through with new color. If you finish off with the sl and start the new round with new color I’m not sure how to bring in the next color. Sorry if I’m confusing. I got all the yarn except the fun fur. I’ll get that later when I’m done. They didn’t have it at Michaels. I’ll have to go to Walmart or somewhere. I’m so excited to start this hat/scarf duo. Few things I’m finishing up first. Then what does the fox say. Thank you for the awesome pattern.

  70. Dave says:

    I just want to buy one for my son any ne want t make me one

    • Nica G says:

      Dave, send me an email to nicagdesign [at] gmail [dot] com with the following information and I will send you a quote: you son’s age, head circumference dimensions, when do you need it for.

    • Virginia says:

      I could. I will take atleast a month to finish with the other projects list.

  71. Suzy Mccunn says:

    Do you think this would work using a HDC???

  72. Sara says:

    Can you please explain how you have the thin strands of the dark in the white areas? Your instructions say you only used an off white yarn, your pictures shows “flecks” of the black. I love the look.

  73. Alex says:

    To the author – I was wondering whether you make/sell these to order by any chance? I would absolutely love to buy one as I have neither the time nor the ability to learn how to crochet unfortunately.

  74. Mary says:

    I love this pattern! Absolutely adorable but I had a few issues.
    I was a few stitches off count for almost the whole project, which wasn’t a big deal until I got to the brim of the hat, which was WAAAYY too big for my little head. I ended up decreasing it down all the way to 66 stitches, then continuing on to the fpdc.
    Secondly, the yarn used. I used the exact same yarn as described in the pattern and it looks great. However, it is not warm. The scarf is, but the hat is not!! I learned about a foot into the scarf from a lovely lady at my local yarn shop that acrylic yarns (as used here) are not really the best to use. Wool or alpaca, while more expensive, yield much better results. So those are my tips from what I learned. Overall, a wonderful and fun project! But I am glad to move on to a new one.

  75. Samantha says:

    This hat is so awesome! It’s great of you to share :) I WISH there was a knitting pattern for this!

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